Dr. med. Vet . Birgit Seiffert 

Professional background:

1989 -1995 Study of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover

1995 License to vet

1995 - 1997 PhD student at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover

1997 dissertation on the topic " pulmonary wedge pressure and echocardiographic findings in horses with heart and lung diseases "

1997 - 1999 employees veterinarian in small animal practice , Dr. Mitra

2000 - 2007 employees veterinarian in small animal practice , Dr. Schneider - Bangert

2008 - 2015 employees veterinarian in small animal practice and referral practice in ophthalmology Dr. Müller since 1995 member of the German Veterinary Medical Society

Tierarztpraxis Botnang, Dr. Birgit Seiffert,

Lisa Riek

Assistant to veterinary apprentice

Ms. Riek is our apprentice sinde Oct. 2016.


She loves animals, expeccially her dogs Buddy and Jaxson (to spell it different than (Michael) Jackson), and she is into dog sport in her free time.

On top of that there is her horse Lui, and she loves riding it "offroad".

Ms Riek started her apprentice ship with tons of energy and passion.


Steffi Hofmann

Assistant to veterinary

  • Steffi Hofmann has more than 20 years of experience in her profession.

  • She received a lot of further education on nutrition and anesthesia.

  • Steffi has a deep understanding of animals and is considered a "cat whisperer".

  • With her broad experience and her extremely positive attitude she is a true "asset" of this clinic.


Steffi Hofmann2

Dr. Birgit Seiffert Tierärztin / Tierarztpraxis Hund Josy


"Josy" - our clinic dog


Josy belongs since the beginning of 2009 to our family.

She was a year old when she came to us from Greece.